About Down Syndrome UK

We are experts by experience.

Down Syndrome UK (DSUK) is a national charity passionate about empowering parents and professionals to improve the lives of those with Down syndrome and their families in the UK.

We want our children to be valued and included in the communities in which we live, to have the choice to attend their local mainstream school and when old enough to work; not to encounter barriers, but instead to be welcomed and embraced within society.

We have four main initiatives...

Providing information, support and resources to expectant, new and preschool parents, as well their their health, maternity and education professionals.

Support Training & Resources for parents and professionals of those of primary school age. 

Enabling children with Down syndrome to be toilet trained in time to start in pants4school!

A forum to help with promoting and supporting local Down syndrome support groups.

What is Down syndrome?

Down syndrome is a naturally occurring genetic difference caused by an extra chromosome.

Babies with Down syndrome are born in every country to parents of all ages, races, religions, and backgrounds. 

Whilst people with Down syndrome share some common physical characteristics, each is a unique individual with their own strengths and weaknesses, own character, and personality, all influenced by their families, friends, and life – just like everyone else.

Online Support Groups

At DSUK we are proud to work extensively with individuals and families, as well as with regional and national organisations.

Our online support groups are here to provide support, resources and training to empower people with Down syndrome, their families and professionals who work with them – including medical professions and in education.

Local Support Groups

DSUK provides a huge amount of support and information online that is available 24/7; however, we really value and appreciate the importance of local Down syndrome support groups for children and young people with Down syndrome to make local friendship circles, as well as to access local specialist services.

Many local groups provide subsidised training and therapies including speech and language and early development groups, as well as social and leisure groups for children and young people with Down syndrome to enjoy.


At DSUK we value the importance of good quality evidence-based training, both to our families as well as the professionals who work with our members.