Local Support Groups

A great team of local groups, creating passionate and positive environments for people with Down syndrome and their families

We provide a huge amount of support and information online that is available 24/7; however, we really value and appreciate the importance of local support groups for children and young people with Down syndrome to make local friendship circles, as well as to access local specialist services. 

In January 2015 we launched a network for support groups across the UK to share best practice, resources, ask advice and generally learn from each other. 

Each year, we hold an annual conference for the leaders of local groups to meet and as well as hearing about initiatives and best practise amongst the groups, external speakers from a range of disciplines are invited to speak to educate and inform support group leaders around relevant areas of interest.

For those families who don't have local access to specialist early development groups, we offer various online activities including...


Online Early Years Development Groups.


Online Physiotherapy Sessions.


Signing for babies, and a course for grandparents and also for early years professionals.


We also offer regular online information sharing sessions and training events.

If you run a local support group in the UK that is not featured, please let us know and join our Facebook forum