Support, Training & Resources (ST&R)

A Down Syndrome UK (DSUK) initiative, supporting parents of a primary school age child with Down syndrome.

About ST&R

ST&R (Support, Training & Resources) is a Down Syndrome UK initiative for primary school age children (4-11 years).

We aim to ensure parents and professionals have access to the information and support that they need – the reality of what living with Down syndrome looks like in modern Britain, as well as ongoing peer support and expert advice to get the most out of their primary school education.

Resources for parents and professionals

Starting school, for any child and their family, is
an important milestone. Here at Down Syndrome
UK, we feel it is essential to share good practice
to help support schools to feel confident and
positive about welcoming a child with Down
syndrome into their settings.

We also have Information Sharing Sessions and training on many topics including...

Training for parents and professionals

An introduction to working in a primary school setting with a child with Down syndrome. Covering the possible learning profile, strengths, challenges and provide strategies.

Accessing Social Care

Sessions include exploring and explaining the social care legal framework - including the rights people with care and support needs have, as well as the rights that their carers have.


These sessions include expert advice and strategies to encourage positive behaviour.

Sleep Apnoea

Discover the signs and symptoms of sleep apnoea and why children with Down syndrome are at higher risk.

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