Who we support

We are proud to work extensively with individuals
and families, as well as with regional and national organisations to achieve our aims.

Parents and expectant

Support and resources to expectant parents with a high chance or positive confirmation of baby having Down syndrome.

Support, resources and training to parents who have a child with Down syndrome up to secondary school.


Support, resources and training for Grandparents of children and young people with Down syndrome.

We run regular Makaton sessions, as well as social groups and a very active Facebook support group to chat with others.


Society needs greater understanding and awareness around the reality of living with Down syndrome in modern Britain.

We’re here to show our reality with the public to change the narrative of living with Down syndrome.

Health Professionals

Maternity: everyone involved in a parent’s maternity experience including midwives, sonographers, and obstetricians.

Health: paediatricians, therapy providers including speech and language, occupational and physiotherapy, health visitors and general practitioners.

Education Professionals

All educators at Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) level, from nursery up through primary school and secondary school.

We also educate university students particularly in obstetrics and midwifery.

Politicians and Policy Makers

Down syndrome UK supports the National Down Syndrome Policy Group, who provide the secretariat to the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Down syndrome. We are determined that the voices of people with Down syndrome and their families are heard by Government.

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