Dr Rebecca Baxter

Director of Education and Speech and Language Therapy

We are delighted to advise that Dr Rebecca Baxter has joined DSUK as Director of Education and Speech and Language Therapy.

Becky is an experienced speech and language therapist who has specialised in working with children and young adults with Down syndrome since 2007. Since this time, Becky has delivered a range of speech, language and communication services to parents and professionals: specialist early development groups for children from birth to school age, assessment and intervention for school-age children, communication groups for young adults, and training on the speech, language and communication needs (SLCN) associated with Down syndrome.

In addition to her role addressing SLCN in individuals with Down syndrome, Becky has had an active role in supporting education for pupils with Down syndrome. She has delivered school outreach to mainstream schools and specialist provision for 15 years, and in 2011 established a successful business leading a team of specialist teachers to deliver outreach support to mainstream schools across Hampshire and the surrounding borders. Becky also delivers training internationally across various topics related to education: literacy, numeracy, behaviour, friendships and supporting successful inclusion.
Becky is committed to promoting evidence-informed practice and works with researchers to develop research priorities and projects to improve the speech, language, communication and education of individuals with Down syndrome. Becky completed her PhD in 2023 at University College London, which involved developing and evaluating a language intervention for children with Down syndrome.

Becky shares, ‘I am delighted to be joining the DSUK team as Director of Education and Speech and Language Therapy. For the last 15 years, I have delivered successful services across education and speech, language and communication needs for children and young adults with Down syndrome. I am excited to use this experience and knowledge to extend the support, services and research DSUK offers families and professionals nationally across these areas. I have worked with DSUK on a number of successful projects as an external consultant including the PEGS programme, the ISS webinars and the behaviour bootcamps. Therefore, I am eager to develop the range of vital services and research that DSUK provides to this community’.

Nicola Enoch, CEO of DSUK, advises, ‘We are very excited to welcome Becky to the team as we look to expand the services and resources we offer to primary schools. Becky worked with my son Tom 16 years ago when he was just three, and it has been wonderful to see her develop her learning and expertise over the years. Having worked with Becky in developing resources and services for our preschool families, we are confident that Becky will bring her extensive experience, knowledge, and enthusiasm to develop our offering for our primary-aged members’.

Becky Baxter