I am Mum to Alice aged 7. When Alice was diagnosed with Down syndrome at birth we were given a packet of photocopied leaflets about Down syndrome and sent on our way, the health professionals we came in to contact had limited and outdated understanding of Down syndrome and I am not afraid to say that I struggled until I educated myself on the reality of living with Down syndrome in the twenty first century.

When I saw an advert for an Administrator to work for DSUK I jumped at the chance. This was my opportunity to really be part of the community that we joined when Alice was born and to use my experience both personal and professional to help in some small way.

Alice is a lively, bubbly, outgoing little girl and whilst by no means is every day a picnic we live a happy family life at the seaside with her Dad, Leigh. I have no idea what the future might hold for Alice but I am positive she will have a full and happy life very far from what I might have thought would be her likely outcome when she was born!