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Welcome! We provide information, resources, training and on going support to nursery, preschool and school settings across the UK.

Welcome to our Education Professionals page, a dedicated space advocating for inclusive education for children with Down syndrome.

At Down Syndrome UK, we passionately believe in the transformative power of inclusive learning environments. Every child deserves the opportunity to learn, grow, and thrive alongside their peers, regardless of their abilities or differences. Inclusion not only benefits children with Down syndrome but enriches the entire educational community, fostering empathy, understanding, and a culture of acceptance.

Inclusion may look and feel different depending on the individual and the setting, but in all cases it should contribute towards building a world where diversity is celebrated, barriers are dismantled and every child’s potential is realised.

We’re committed to equipping education professionals with the tools, resources, and support they need to create inclusive classrooms where every child feels valued, successful and empowered. Through collaboration, advocacy, and sharing best practices, we strive to build a world where diversity is celebrated, barriers are dismantled, and every child’s potential is realised.

Join us in championing inclusive education and creating brighter futures for all children, including those with Down syndrome.

Meet Becky

We are delighted to advise that Dr Rebecca Baxter has joined Down Syndrome UK as our Director of Education and Speech and Language Therapy.

Becky is an experienced speech and language therapist who has specialised in working with children and young adults with Down syndrome since 2007. Since this time, Becky has delivered a range of speech, language and communication services to parents and professionals: specialist early development groups for children from birth to school age, assessment and intervention for school-age children, communication groups for young adults, and training on the speech, language and communication needs (SLCN) associated with Down syndrome.

Becky Baxter

Events & Training

Primary Education Programme - teaching pupils with Down syndrome

This online training course covers key information for school staff to successfully support pupils with Down syndrome in primary school. The course is designed for SENCOs, teachers and teaching assistants and focusses on best practice guidance and education in schools.

Covering the specific learning profile associated with Down syndrome, this online course looks at the practical implications this has for teaching learners with Down syndrome as well as practical strategies and examples of successful education.

Promoting Positive Behaviour in Primary Schools

Whilst children with Down syndrome typically have strengths in early social skills and social understanding, there are a number of difficulties associated with Down syndrome that can lead to some behaviour challenges. This service, led by Dr Becky Baxter, is designed to support schools to understand any behaviour challenges and to build on social strengths to develop new positive behaviours in school.

down syndrome awareness in school

Twinkl TeachMeet with Dr Becky Baxter

We are delighted to have been invited by Twinkl to deliver monthly webinars as part of their TeachMeet initiative. 

Open to any professional working with a pupil with Down syndrome, and free to Twinkl members.

Sessions are delivered by Dr Becky Baxter, our Director of Education and Speech and Language Therapy.

Places are limited so book to avoid disappointment.

Resources and Information

Advice for professionals

A handy insight sharing tips and advice, from a highly experienced specialist advisory teacher around supporting and promoting inclusion for pupils in a primary school.

Do take a read of our Best Practice Guidelines which provide background reading, along with sharing best practice, busting myths and signposting to useful resources.

Teacher Toolkit

This toolkit aims to provide parents and practitioners with insight, advice and tips around specific topics.  

Lesson plans and presentations

Our resources have been created with guidance from educational professionals. They will support learning about Down syndrome and inclusion, and incorporate guidelines around working with a child with Down syndrome.

Twinkl Partnership

In March 2023 we collaborated with Twinkl to share some information around working with a child with Down syndrome in primary school settings. 

We also feature many of our resources on the Twinkl website, including our very successful toilet training games and information about Down syndrome to share with other parents.

Further information

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