We are passionate about ensuring every child with Down syndrome in the UK has access to specialist support, across all areas of development. We know that there is great disparity across the UK between access to and quality of provision provided, so we try our utmost to plug some gaps! 

In September 2021 we introduced POPS (PADS Online Physiotherapy Sessions.) These are open to DSUK family members and sessions are led by our wonderful specialist paediatric physiotherapist Donna Murphy of Carn Physiotherapy. 

In addition to delivering POPS, Donna is also on hand in our closed online groups for general advice and has worked with us to develop a range of resources to enlighten and educate parents, and possibly some professionals too! 

The building blocks to achieving great physical
development for infants with Down syndrome

Encouraging and supporting a child’s physical development is like building a house. We recommend you follow these stages to ensure solid foundations are created on which to build. We know that houses are built to a high standard if the proper guidance is followed, and people are patient. There may be delays and things may not go as planned but hard work and dedication always pay off eventually. There are often temptations to cut corners, to perhaps bypass 4-point crawling and go straight to walking but we do recommend following each of the developmental stages. When your little one is up and running around, the delays and hard work will be forgotten, and you can enjoy the rewards of a well-built project! Babies and infants with Down syndrome will develop physically at different ages, so ages are provided as a guide only.

Stage 1: Foundation

Age Guide
Birth to 6 months

Stage 2: Building Blocks

Age Guide
6-12 months

Stage 3: First Fix Stage

Age Guide
12-18 months

Stage 4: Second Fix Stage

Age Guide
18-24 months

Stage 5: Turn Key Finish

Age Guide
24-48 months

Fine Tuning

Age Guide
Any age

Other resources

We are great advocates of encouraging tummy time from the delivery suite and in time the importance of crawling and have created these resources to explain why. 


This is such a wonderful opportunity for parents! I had to find all this out myself through Google etc as it wasn’t there when Katie was a baby. And it is such hard work, and just not the same as an expert guiding you! I would advise every parent to take up the opportunity if you can as early intervention re learning and communication etc are like gold dust and will set your baby up for school readiness.
Donna Murphy
Chartered Physiotherapist