Speech and language is a huge topic in the world of Down syndrome!    

At DSUK we are huge advocates of introducing signing from a young age to aid our children’s communication, as we know that speech for children will be delayed, so we use signing as a bridge until speech starts to enable the child to communicate with us!  We run regular Makaton training courses for our new parents, grandparents, dads and nurseries.   

We would encourage all speech and language therapists who are working with someone with Down syndrome, to join the Down Syndrome Clinical Excellence Network (CEN). Parents and other professionals working with our children and young people can join as Friends of the CEN.

A beginners guide to signing

From a young age, we also recommend introducing speech sound work and we include this in our youngest groups in PEGS – PADS Early development Groups, which UK families can access online. 

If you would like more information about PEGS please register your interest by joining our database and updating to details accordingly. 

Promoting Singing

There are so many everyday activities you can enjoy with your child that encourage communication, including singing as explained in this video from Gemma McNally, speech and language therapist and mum to Caleb.