Expecting a baby

Resources that challenge, educate, and empower parents during pregnancy, their friends and family as well as maternity professionals.

The following resources are for parents who have recently learned of the possibility of their child having Down syndrome and are seeking more information. These links can be useful for the friends and family of expectant parents as well as for the medical professionals who are consulting with families who are welcoming a baby who has Down syndrome.

#NobodyToldMe: the Truth about Down syndrome

A video and book full of honest experiences, photos and stories, written by people with Down syndrome, their families and friends.

For expectant parents who may be struggling with the news baby may have Down syndrome; to understand that they are not alone, that we are here to support them and educate them about the truth around having Down syndrome.

Expecting a baby with Down syndrome

We support the whole family – including Dads, Grandparents, Medical Professionals, Maternity Units.

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TEDx Talk with CEO of DSUK, Nicola Enoch

In this powerful talk Nicola shares her experience around having a son with Down syndrome; a child she believed she didn’t want but who has become her inspiration to campaign and challenge the fear and ignorance that all too often surrounds Down syndrome.

Providing information, support and resources to expectant, new and preschool parents.

0 – 4 years

Support Training & Resources for parents and professionals of those of school age. 

4 – 11 years

Enabling children with Down syndrome to be toilet trained in time to start in pants4school!

0 – 5 years

A forum to help with promoting and supporting local Down syndrome support groups.

All ages