Resources that challenge, educate, and empower parents who have a child with Down syndrome and professionals who work with them.

PADS Nursery Pack

We believe that at preschool age, children see each other just as children, and that nurseries/preschool settings already teach discreetly around differences. 

However, we want to provide families with resources to educate and enlighten the practitioners who work with our children and have put together packs specifically for this purpose.

Resources Pack

These packs contain a range of resources to promote speech development, early reading and numeracy including speech sound cards, Numicon cards, colour cards and lotto boards for matching.

Preschool parents

We support the whole family – including Dads, Grandparents, Medical Professionals and Maternity Units.

We also support preschool settings, please ask your preschool professionals to join our group for advice, resources and training.

Providing information, support and resources to expectant, new and preschool parents.

0 – 4 years

Support Training & Resources for parents and professionals of those of school age. 

4 – 11 years

Enabling children with Down syndrome to be toilet trained in time to start in pants4school!

0 – 5 years

A forum to help with promoting and supporting local Down syndrome support groups.

All ages