Primary School

As our children start primary school years, our ST&R initiative provides Support Training & Resources to both parents and professionals.

Join our Primary School Parents Online Groups

If you are in the UK, we have amazing online support where you can connect with other parents of primary school aged children. 

ST&R is a group where you can ask any questions at all, share any concerns or worries you may have, celebrate and share milestones and proud parent moments of your child being a Super ST&R!

Choosing a school

Starting school, for any child and their family, is an important milestone.

We have put together a guide for helping parents to choose a school, what to consider when your child is starting school as well as guidance for the primary school setting.

We love to disseminate good practise to both empower parents and to support primary schools to feel confident and positive about welcoming a child with Down syndrome. 

We offer training, resources and ongoing support to the professionals working with your child. 

For education professionals

At DSUK ST&R we hate reinventing wheels, so are delighted to share the expertise and experience of specialists in our community.

We provide information, resources, training and on going support to primary schools across the UK.

Primary School Resources

We have a collection of resources and information organised by life stages, health topics, and common enquiries about Down syndrome.